What's next?

What's next

WhatIsOnchain? was launch yesterday, I've collected a few valuable feedbacks and here are a few things I have learned and planned to do next.

Bi-weekly ETH Network call

I've join in the bi-weekly discord call in ETH Network discord group by @defidude

Here's a summary of what happen:

From this call, I learn a few interesting new project in the defi space, and manage to get some of the defi users feedback about what to work on next for the site.


Aave just launch recently, might be interesting to incoperate some of the core on chain data into the app as well! The flash loan concept is interesting, it allows multiple contract call to be merged into 1 transaction, allows zero risk arbitrage oppurtunity.

DeFi onchain data

Some of the members suggested the site should incorperate DeFi onchain data such as borrow rate, lending rate etc.

DeFi platform details (something like DeFi Pulse)

I had created a prototype for querying on chain data in terms of total crypto locked in the ethereum blockchain. Might be interesting to add this into the app.


I would also consider creating a F12 Discord group for those who are interested into onchain data collecting and displaying.

Daostack Alchemy

My first Daostack Alchemy post was posted yesterday. I've learn a bit about the core value of Genesis Alpha Dao.


I also made my first gitcoin grant and also funded my first gitcoin for FestDAO!


I am grateful that I am able to reach out to the Ethereum community to learn more in depth knowledge about DAO and DeFi; I'll plan to add more feature onto the site in the next release!